Trumpets in Triumph

So, we waited, not knowing the day or the hour. Our hearts grew with excitement. Expectation entangling our bridal hearts. The field encompassed our silhouetted souls. We waited as the sun cast its last beams over the horizon. Hoping for a sliver of silver to appear in the darkening heavens. Tangerine trails marked the indigo

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Truest Treasure

We dug through the mud with our bare hands. Dirt tightly hugged our finger nails as we went on a quest to seek out sweet potatoes and black potatoes originally planted by the owners of the house we are currently renting. Each potato found, filled my and the children’s hearts with delight. It was our

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Alabaster Jar

My most prized possession clenched to my tightened chest. Heavy eyes resting on me, as I enter in. I willingly, longingly fixing my attention on the only Hope in the room. It was dark inside, yet His Light lit up every corner of the house. I poured out my heart in unadulterated adoration. He is

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