Trumpets in Triumph

So, we waited, not knowing the day or the hour. Our hearts grew with excitement. Expectation entangling our bridal hearts. The field encompassed our silhouetted souls. We waited as the sun cast its last beams over the horizon. Hoping for a sliver of silver to appear in the darkening heavens. Tangerine trails marked the indigo skies. The moment of anticipation would be met by little ones and old men, young ladies and lovely wives, all in unison, lifting up a shofar cry! It would bellow triumphantly! And so, we wait for the return of our Beloved Bridegroom, when Yahweh’s own shofar would echo victoriously for every ear to hear. Every eye will see the King of Kings coming. Every knee will bow down! Every tongue to confess, His majesty…His power…His glory! For all of eternity to reign!

Oh, how gloriously jubilant this day and hour will be!

A bride

made ready

Her bouquet heart

like spring blossoms in bloom

Pure and pleasing to her Bridegroom



Being beloved and beautiful


for His return

Being spotless and fair

A shofar to sound

through the clouded air

His eyes to meet our gaze

Comely we’ll be

in His grace

Clothed in garments white and pure

Ready for the final feast,

the wedding of the Lamb has come

And His bride is prepared

In His presence we’ll be bright

for He wraps Himself

in garments of Light

For now

we have ears to hear and listen

Someday soon

We will gleefully glisten

For now

we have eyes to see


we will be

fully free

The word Shaphar is the root word for Shofar. Shofar is a trumpet or a ram’s horn (think of Joshua and the walls of Jericho and all this trumpets sounding as they marched and shouted.) We are anticipating the Feast of Trumpets at this very moment. Believers all over the world have gathered on Monday, and tonight, hoping to see the sickle-like sliver on the horizon. We have lifted our hearts in worship and pure adoration towards our Beloved Messiah. And we will continue to do so, day and night, as the angels and heavenly beings are doing in this moment also. He will return. He will not leave us as orphans, as a child forgotten after school on the empty playground. We belong to Him. Bought with a price, no amount of silver on this earth can match. I pondered on the significance of His feasts and how He longs to teach us through concrete things just like you would with children. His Feasts are practical examples of greater spiritual matters and most significantly, it is fulfilled in Yeshua our Messiah and Saviour. It is all about Him. We are His bride and His times are invitations to join Him at His Feasts. And at the very End, the grand finale of His story, we will be at His wedding feast in the New Jerusalem. All tears and sorrow will be no more and JOY and gladness will be like never before. So for now, we rehearse what will be (with the fall Feasts) and remember what was already brought into fulfilment (with the Spring Feasts).

Beloved, may we continue to draw near to Him. May our hearts wait in exuberant expectation for the return of our King. May You have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the body of Messiah.


Carmen Tehillah


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