Poem #3: A Place Prepared

In Ukraine people are currently seeking shelter from the hailstone bombs that are hitting hard. Fear is lingering. Uncertainty is the new normal. Hearts are racing and little ones are frightened as their parents desperately try to convey the current situation in the best way they possibly can, having to deal with their own set of emotions behind the mask of keeping it all together. You see friends, we are all in a war. A war that has been declared centuries ago. We all have the desire to hide in a shelter, away from the fiery arrows that fly around. The need for safety and security is a basic human need, and our hearts are yearning for that place of safety.

Isn’t it profound, that out of all the metaphors Yeshua could have used, He decided to say, “I go to prepare a place for you!”

A place of shalom.

A place of rest.

A place of abundance, of provision.

A place of safety.

He knows the desires we have for green pastures and quiet waters.


A Poem for Sukkot

You go to prepare a place

A place to meet

Meet face to face

To dwell and to hide

A home in which to abide

Under Your shadow and in Your Light

A site to gain Godly insight

To see the way that You see

To know life’s fragility

In light of


The present is faulty

Is fleeting

But it cannot compare

To the mysterious completing

Of the end of this age

When He’ll turn a new page

To a perfect, perfect home

Where there will be perfect shalom

No more tears

Or fears

Only JOY and gladness

Far away from this world’s madness

Oh, what a heritage?

One without any shortage

Not built with human hands

Not found on sinking sand

Those who’ll inherit

Are those who are meek

Those who will find

Are those who wholeheartedly seek

Drinking living waters

From Your rivers

From Your wells

For all of my days

In Your house

I will dwell

Beloved, may this feast of Sukkot, remind your entire being that He is surely preparing an eternal place for you. Yet, even now, may we enter His rest. May you be reminded to remain under the shadow of His wings.

In Him we live

And move

And have our being


Carmen Tehillah


PS. This poem originally featured in this blogpost: https://www.zadoak.com/post/in-the-secret-place

Let us also continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine as the tension is increasing at an alarming rate. May they find shelter under the wings of the Most High.

Here is our playlist for some Sukkot worship: https://youtube.com/playlist? list=PLT-0DN3YdazdQ9uIjhNwB1R0mpnZX-GmE


This is the third poem in our poetry series. We felt Abba Father leading us to invite His Beloveds to His table with Poetry centred around His Kingdom, His Character and His Word. If you are led by the Spirit to submit a poem that we will consider posting, you can kindly do so by sending the poem with it’s title and Scriptures that goes with it to zadoakmusic@gmail.com

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