I am writing this in my own words and understanding, and though I am not a writer, I am a victor, and have a remarkable story to share. My prayer is that you also will benefit from my health journey, sufferings, and testimony.

This unexpected journey became years of details, as life tends to do, but I will try and sum that up in a simple, short story.

In 2015, our reasonably “normal” life came to a sudden halt when I found myself unable to move as usual. I was 23 years old at that time, a wife to an incredible husband, and a mom to a busy baby boy of 11-months old. I remember the morning it seemed life got paused; when my right foot did not want to brake properly when I was driving. My foot refused to remain still when I was moving it from the petrol- to brake pedal. I knew something was seriously wrong, and we booked a consultation at a nearby physician, and after some discussion he proceeded with the tests. The MRI ordered showed massive lesions in my brain, and the lumbar puncture was positive for the antibodies they were looking for. They told us that my antibodies were attacking my myelin sheaths covering the nerves in my brain. So after the diagnosis by a neurologist in Gauteng, I was labelled to be a sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). With this “dreaded disease”, the expectations were clear. The prognosis was that within 8-10 years, I could expect to be in a wheelchair. A grim prospect at any stage of life, but especially when there were still so many reasons to use my legs.

My body was disobedient to the instructions I normally would only subconsciously give.

I had to focus very hard in order to do life.

The war was me against me.

The cause, was unknown.

The solution, unfound.

The suggestions, were experimental and debilitating.

And really, really expensive…

We left feeling drained. I felt so confused. “How can the Creator I seek and serve not have the answer?” But this question was the beginning of the incredible revelations to come. And those revelations led us to absolute freedom.

Even after I made peace with the struggle that would be, I didn’t go for the suggested treatments, partially because I was pregnant. But two more big shocks came within that year. The first, was that we had a pregnancy complication. It was a chromosomal defect and ended in miscarriage. I suspect it was caused by being on synthetic hormones so many years prior. And that led to the second shock: I could get cancer from that pregnancy complication. I found The Truth About Cancer from Ty and Charlene Bollinger very helpful for light on that topic.

After much disillusionment after these three events, we stepped out from under the authority of the medical system, where we had unknowingly placed ourselves. In doing this, we found ourselves facing enormous opposition. Not from strangers in this system we no longer trusted, but from familiar people who couldn’t reconcile themselves to our decision. We firmly believed that our bodies could heal and that what we were experiencing was NOT God’s fault, nor His will or design. But what was His plan? I believed He would reveal it if we only sought. So I committed myself to seeking His will and design best as I could.

Many prayers and hours of reading went by. I started to realise that we were creating complications ourselves by the toxins we were choosing to allow, physically and spiritually. I repented of my part in this, coming clean in my innermost heart and mind. I worked through some big emotional issues in my past and confronted my problem with self-conflict. The Holy Spirit showed me how to simply heal from toxic memories, and I believe part of my calling is to share this with others.

In the physical, I removed toxins from our home and habits, and was led to many books, including Go Natural Wisdom for Healthy Living, by Johan Jacobs. This book was the confirmation to what I believed “life in abundance” could look like, and that I wasn’t crazy in doubting the solutions the system had to offer. We removed all the bad stuff as we journeyed, and added all the good stuff we could. I ate as clean and raw (seeds, nuts, fruits and veggies) as possible, and juiced for days straight. I started to heal, and within 5 months I had mostly recovered my normal functioning.

I had hope that it was over.

But I was wrong. There was a missing link, as I had not yet found the root cause…

So a few times each year, whether I was stressed or not, I had a type of relapse. Sometimes I would have weakness, a disconnection between what my body was saying and what my body was doing. Sometimes I experienced what they call the MS hug: a tightness and pain in a ring around my lower ribcage. I stopped driving for long periods of time, because my foot would step on brake instead of clutch. And all this time I was still a stay-at-home mom, and our location caused that we couldn’t have much external physical assistance from friends or family.

I believe because of our lack of a physical support system, we were much more driven to find the answer. So in a way I am grateful for that challenge.

Fast-forwarding to 2019, 4 years after diagnosis:

We were moving toward our dream of living off-grid and homesteading. I was a mom of two, and was reasonably well. But I realized, through the years of research and experience, that my root canal which I had received at 12 years old needed to be removed. I had an acne-like cyst in my cheek where the affected tooth was, and always had this dull pain in the surrounding area.

I did more research and made the appointment. I discussed the procedures as in the book “Go Natural” with a conventional dentist, and they reassured me that their procedure would have the same result. I followed the guide given in “Go Natural” to prepare my body for healing, and for top immunity after the procedure. The removal was quick, I suppose. And I was relieved. I was confident that I was now clean and free of the infection. My gums bled for a few hours after I got home, and I applied ozone (the medical kind with oxygen cylinder) to the area to combat infection. I thought I was going through a healing-crisis when I fell ill after. I assumed it was because of all the hidden bacteria suddenly being exposed that my body’s immunity was down.

After 6 weeks, my gums had healed nicely, and other than the gap in my teeth (thankfully far behind!) I started to feel normal. We were moving and building house, and joyfully were expecting our third.

But then I suddenly got sick. And tired. Depressed. I would fall into bed at night as if I could sleep a week, then only to wake 2 hours later with a buzzing in my body. I couldn’t rest. I found it impossible to be patient with my children, or myself. I had no inspiration or motivation. I would wake up thinking, “another day I have to get through”. I would sit at night wondering what was wrong with me, trying to find the answers within myself. And as I write this, I am crying; A few times I contemplated leaving my family, even though my husband had always carried me through the struggle, as I could not bear to have them live this way. If you are able, please listen to “Without you” by For King and Country. This song I needed to hear most in this phase of the struggle.

My body was caught in a war against an unknown enemy. My spirit was in deepest waters, each night grappling the waves of depression for a lifebuoy of hope. Abba Father was so near to me in this, even though I often did not feel it. And each time I saw no way out, He would send me a lantern. Sometimes I read some new info, and another puzzle-piece clicked into place. Sometimes it was the compassion of a friend, bringing us food. Through one of Johan’s Go Natural newsletters, ABBA led us to watch the amazing documentary, The Root Cause Movie that exposes dental pathology (root canals and dental jaw cavitations). That in turn inspired me to contact Johan Jacobs himself, from Go Natural. I was relieved of so much through our conversation. Can you just imagine what it felt like to hear and see that what I was experiencing was not normal? That it wasn’t just simply something I needed to get used to? That this was truly a problem and needed to be fixed? It was incredible. That moment when Johan asked me what colour the extracted root canal tooth had been, and I realized: it was green. That right there was confirmation for me of the infection I had suspected. Now, we could move forward, and get rid of the real problem.

When the root canal treated tooth (a dead infected bone) had originally been pulled, I was experiencing symptoms of an aerobic bacterial infection. I had pain, inflammation and some swelling. So when these signs disappeared, I thought the infection was over. Man, was I ever wrong. Probably the worst assumption of my life. An anaerobic infection does not cause the same signs as the aerobic infection. Within that cavity in my mouth, all warm, lots of food and safety, the anaerobic bacteria got to thrive without my body doing much about it. Because it couldn’t, as I understand. The blood supply and circulation never fully recovered at the extraction site once the infected root canal treated tooth was pulled. Without the blood supply, the immune system is absent and cannot reach to the problem of impregnated anaerobic bacteria in the surrounding bone and periodontal ligament. Now the table is set for a far bigger and more dangerous infection, called a dental jaw cavity, in a safe haven and perfect incubator.

After more months, we finally had an appointment with a biological dentist. Biological dentists are not the same as your conventional (regular) dentists. When I called to find out if they could help me, and explained the situation I was going through, I expected to be treated as if I was sort of crazy, because that is what I had come to expect. But for the first time I had reached people who understood…and sympathised. And could help!!! Halleluyah!

They were very busy, but I booked an appointment for a few weeks later. I would have gone the same day if they had told me I could. But now there was hope. I was led to start medical ozone-IV treatment bi-weekly, until I could go for the treatment. And that helped keep me “okay” for that time. I was also drinking a superfood shake, Nucleo, which helped me keep nutrients in despite morning-sickness. I was sharply focused on trying to heal, and protect and nurture this growing life inside me.

And then, finally it was time. I had done the CBCT prior (Cone Beam CT scan, also called a three dimensional panorama X-ray) and had a video call with the dentist discussing the treatment plan and procedure. According to the dentist, this was a jawbone cavitation. And that the infection in that cavitation actually was causing the damage to my myelin sheaths. Those anaerobic bacteria excrete highly nerve-toxic waste products that are also found in cadavers. In turn that caused my nerves to damage and to “short circuit”, as they did not have their protective casing, and my body then to not be able to communicate correctly.

I had hope (I know that word comes up a lot) and faith, but I did not know for certain that THIS was the final key, the final piece. But I trusted that Abba Yahweh was guiding me toward healing, and a super testimony.

It wasn’t easy. I was pregnant and could not have anaesthesia. I thought to myself afterwards that I would rather give birth than experience that again! As the dentist was drilling away at the bone surrounding where the root canal treated tooth had been, I remember he exclaimed something in the line of: Look at all that black! The “black” was the necrotic tissue that had formed in my jaw, and was poisoning me, making me ill.

But after that infection was cleared out, and my jawbone prepped for maximum healing with the jaw cavitation procedure, I was healed.


I went back to that dentist in 2020, just before the first lockdown and right after the birth of our third son. My wisdom teeth had to be removed urgently, to prevent further problems. And after that my nerve symptoms healed much faster. And we could breathe freely again.

I am not whole yet, because this journey had a few serious repercussions. But I never experienced that disconnect, that confusion, that depression, that hopelessness and that trauma again.

A few issues which we have been asked about:

Why did Abba allow us to go through this trauma instead of miraculously healing me?

I believe our Creator is able to heal in an instant. I also believe (Hosea 4:6) that His people are perishing for lack of knowledge. I, personally, have not encountered a situation in my life, or the in the lives of people around me, where there was a removal of the consequences regarding decisions made. And that is why we need wisdom, which God gives freely (James 1:5) to those who ask. In allowing this process, we were taught to trust, to be refined, and to seek His perfect design in all things.

In hindsight, what would I have done differently, if I could have a do-over?

Firstly, I wouldn’t have done a root canal. Yes, I was twelve and it hadn’t been my choice. I don’t blame my parents, as they did what they thought best. But as an adult I would fix my nutrition and my habits SO THAT I could avoid having the problem in the first place.

Secondly, I would have went to the biological dentist instead of my local dentist. I see now that while I was trying to be money-wise in fixing a problem I did not create, I was foolish in thinking that the specific protocols of the biological dentists could not be very far removed from the protocols followed by our local conventional dentist. The ligament in itself can cause incredible amounts of trouble if incorrectly removed. Even having a tooth removed can cause serious problems if the extraction is incomplete. I would recommend a biological dentist, who is highly trained specifically in this area and the aware of possible problems caused by root canals and tooth removals. I also would like to encourage anyone in a similar position to reach out and find out; There are still compassionate people out there willing to go the extra mile to help you regain your life! And if you, like me, are looking at the finances and trying to find a more “sensible” option…ask yourself, “What is my health and sanity worth to the people around me? And to myself?” Time, health and relationships are currencies which cannot be replaced.

I am so very grateful to Abba Yahweh for this journey, and the revelations He has given. All honour and glory to Him forever and ever.

I would like to thank my husband, friends and family for their willingness to be on the front lines with me.

And a big thank you to Johan Jacobs and his family for the patience and investment in this testimony, and so many other people’s lives.

A few nuggets of gold I have to share, if you are looking for a place to start:

Go Natural Wisdom for Healthy Living is the book I was led to first, and it is of utmost importance in this healing journey. For consultations, workshops, real foods and equipment, visit their online store: www.gonatural.co.za. They are also up-to-date on biological dentists in SA, if you may be searching for such.

Biblical Health Reset Challenge is a channel on Telegram about simplifying the modern challenges regarding food, renewing our minds and healing in a way that is as Biblically in context as possible. Just type “Biblical health reset challenge” in the search area on Telegram.

Nucleo Superfood Shake made it possible for me to give my family the nutrients we needed when I simply couldn’t provide enough nutrition during my illness in 2019. It also helped me and my youngest heal of gut issues without breaking the bank, or damaging my health. Order on the app.

I would like to end with this;

Yahweh makes us whole.

He wants us whole.

He designed a way for us to be whole.

It is integrated and holistic. It was not just my root canal and dental jaw cavitation, it was my lifestyle, beliefs, and emotions. I praise Him for His gentle guidance to the freedom we have today. Yes, we are not perfect in body. This earthly dwelling is merely a tent, and this tent of mine bears the evidence of many storms. But we will keep seeking His heart, His design and striving to be as best stewards of this temple He has blessed us with. Just trust Him, and trust His design.

Matthew 6:33 “Seek first the Kingdom…”

I pray that you will have abundance and peace in all areas of life.

Blessings, René

Original post can be found on https://gonatural.co.za/content/34-testimonies

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