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From Multiple Sclerosis To Measureless Grace With Renè Lowings

In 2015, our reasonably “normal” life came to a sudden halt when I found myself unable to move as usual. I was 23 years old at that time, a wife to an incredible husband, and a mom to a busy baby boy of 11-months old. I remember the morning it seemed life got paused; when my right foot did not want to brake properly when I was driving. My foot refused to remain still when I was moving it from the petrol- to brake pedal. I knew something was seriously wrong, and we booked a consultation at a nearby physician, and after some discussion he proceeded with the tests. The MRI ordered showed massive lesions in my brain, and the lumbar puncture was positive for the antibodies they were looking for. They told us that my antibodies were attacking my myelin sheaths covering the nerves in my brain. So after the diagnosis by a neurologist in Gauteng, I was labelled to be a sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). With this “dreaded disease”, the expectations were clear. The prognosis was that within 8-10 years, I could expect to be in a wheelchair. A grim prospect at any stage of life, but especially when there were still so many reasons to use my legs.

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