It’s Time To Look Up

When I was still a young girl, my mom had a dear friend Estelle. She sadly passed away the year after we got married after fighting a long battle with cancer. She was strong, beautiful and brave. She also had the best words of encouragement I have ever heard. Wisdom flowed out of her content countenance. In the midst of constant pain and sorrow, she uttered words that I will never forget. I clearly remember how she would say that World War 2 was much harder than her suffering. She would also, with much grace and depth in her speech, explain how everyone in life has been given an envelope with their name upon it (figuratively speaking, of course). Every person’s details of his/her life are carefully written inside of the envelope. If all of our envelopes were to be thrown in the air and you had the opportunity to grab someone else’s, you would still grab the one with your name on it, because the joys and sorrows of your envelope are already known to you. “Elke koevertjie het sy merkie.” she would say (which translates as every envelope has its mark or scar to bear).

My frame was not hidden from You,
When I was made in secret,
And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.
Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.
And in Your book they all were written,
The days fashioned for me,
When as yet there were none of them.

How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!
How great is the sum of them!

Psalm 139:15-17

My most cherished memory of Estelle was one day after an intense chemotherapy session that she had. Her frail body was weak and her beautiful face was tender. Yet hope beamed out of her eyes and life flowed out of her mouth like a river. She said, “On days like these, when it is hard, I just look up to the sky and it’s beautiful.” She found a glimpse of a greater hope by lifting up her head towards the sky.

Interestingly enough, an experiment was done at Harvard with people battling with depression to explore alternative ways of managing feelings. They were given the commission to count the antennas on rooftops, as they were taking a walk. There was a great difference in their mood when walking with their heads higher and lifted towards the sky than when they were taking a walk with their heads held low.

“The point of this task was not to calculate the correct amount of antennas in the city but to force the depressed patients to lift their heads up and look into the sky while walking on the street. By changing the way they walked their head position changed and positively influenced their feelings.”

Dr. Aleksandra Plazinic

We’ve all asked the question, maybe out loud or just within the secret place of our hearts. We all look up at the sky and wonder; when will our King, our Beloved Bridegroom, return? Many different theories and theologies are based on this heartfelt question. Rightly so! Some of our brothers and sisters might even be quarrelsome in the certainty of their interpretation of when this glorious and fearful Day will be. It might be foolish to some, but I choose to stay on the side of building my certainty in knowing that; He promised not to leave us orphans but that He will come for us. This truth is where I find my unmitigated certainty. He will come! I long for it to be sooner than later! But then again, there are still so many people that have not yet come to a place of having a personal relationship with Yeshua.

Within this waiting on His return, we might find ourselves time and again, being downcast or weary. But look up dear friend, our redemption is drawing near. It is closer today than it was yesterday.

It is time

To whom it may concern

The time is now

To discern

The time is now

For lies to be unlearned

The time is now

To worship in Spirit

And in truth

For such a time as this

May we not be aloof

For such a time as this

May we have extra oil in our lamps

For such a time as this

May we keep our eyes upon the Lamb

There is a time to dance

And a time to mourn

A time to pass away

And a time to be born

Be born afresh

Of the Spirit not of the flesh

Be Spirit-led

Choose to be among the living

And not among the dead

Let every dry bone come alive

How many will be found wise?

Out of the ten only five

To have discernment

of the times

May we watch and pray

Until that Day

He will return

For this moment our hearts yearn

“Come, Yeshua, come!”

We cry out

Until the shofar

triumphantly will shout

It is near

Do not tremble in fear

For such a time as this

He called you to exist

He had a purpose and a plan

before time began

Beloved, take heart

in this hour

Do not panic

Do not cower

He has


it all

He will not allow

The righteous to fall

Call upon His name

He knows your very frame

You are the reason

He once came

And the reason

He will come


As one we cry out:









Come, Yeshua!”

Beloved, Bridegroom

And the grace of Yeshua,

the Messiah

Be with all those

Who are set apart.

So, beloved bride

Do not lose heart!

May you be found with extra oil in your lamp when that Day arrives.

May you run with endurance the race that He has set before you.

May you be clothed with Messiah every single day, so that those who have not yet met Him, may experience a piece of His heart through you.

May His Spirit lead you daily and may fear not overwhelm you.

May you be as a bride, prepared for her husband, clothed in pure garments.

And may the Spirit remind you, to look up.

In Him we live

And move

And have our being


Carmen Tehillah


Ps. Beloved, please join us in prayer for our Ukrainian brothers and sister in Messiah. We know that wars are part of the end time narrative, but we should not stop praying for each other in these times. You can join Amir Tsarfati’s Telegram channel here for updates on the situation in Eastern Europe:

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